Entering the business

Business opportunities in the solar sector have grown exponentially in recent years. And roofing professionals may be in the best position to handle rooftop solar installations. Why? Because they are:

  1. Most experienced in technical knowledge to more assess rooftop conditions and project equivalent service life of existing roof systems
  2. Most familiar with roofing-related building codes and standards
  3. Most experienced with working efficiently and safely in the rooftop environment, including possessing project management skills; know how to load and handle materials; and familiar with roofing-specific safety compliance
  4. Highly skilled in maximizing roof system energy efficiency, an important factor when designing rooftop solar systems
  5. Most likely to have adequate and appropriate insurance coverages required by law for rooftop work
  6. Most qualified to issue and maintain roof system warranties

Roofing work always has been performed by roofing contractors, and rooftop solar installations should be no different. There are several ways roofing professionals can engage the rooftop solar marketplace. They can:

  1. Be a subcontractor to a rooftop solar system installer or developer, providing roof system installation, maintenance or repairs
  2. Be a subcontractor under a general contractor who performs all aspects of roof and solar system repairs or installation
  3. Be a prime contractor who performs all aspects of roof and solar system installation or repairs
  4. Be a consultant to a solar system designer, providing expertise in integrating a solar system to help ensure the primary roof system’s performance is not adversely affected
  5. Supervise the installation of rooftop solar systems being performed by others to help ensure roof system integrity is maintained

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